It gives us a feeling of hope

My son and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we still have leftovers. And yes, you guys did make our day a little bit more special. It made us feel special to be thought of and gives us a feeling of hope, considering we(me and my son) try hard everyday to be better ourselves and be better people. Hopefully, we will be on the other side someday, giving back what has been giving to us. Thanks for giving us that one day to share and I won't forget that there are generous, caring folks still out there.

- Melissa Pike

Thanks for the opportunity to do something like this

Thanks for the opportunity to do something like this. Isn't it amazing the good ppl can do when they get an idea and get their friends to help carry that idea out.

- Nick Bastone (Thanksgiving Project Coordinator)

My family was blessed by the Thanksgiving Project

My family was blessed by the Thanksgiving Project last week. I want to thank all of those involved with the philanthropic and charitable work. The young couple who delivered such a beautiful basket arranged with a feast of Thanksgiving goodies was very kind and sweet. We shared our meal with other family members and friends. For the individual(s) who nominated my family a great big hug for acknowledging our need. Once again, thank you for your kindness and may your organization continue to bless others for many years to come.

- The Acuna Family

Thanks for taking such an active part of our journey

The care and excellence by which you fashioned your letters, gifts and notes to us was unbelievable. I will tell you, during a time of trial to receive something lovely is a strength. Thanks for providing that. Thanks for the separate envelopes and thanks for spending so much time to write such a beautiful letter. The gifts of Snapfish and Aaron Bros. was so thoughtful.

Thanks for taking such an active part of our journey . . . and please thank the board and all those who have labored on our behalf. I am quite sure that you will continue to be a blessing to many families as the years roll by.

- The Querin Family

I will always be grateful

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to The Sitting Tree! I am a single mother of a seven year old and I recently had to undergo brain decompression surgery. A friend of mine contacted this wonderful organization and told them about my situation. Next thing I knew, I was going to have home cooked meals delivered to my home. What a great gift…one less thing I had to worry about!!! The day Vince showed up at my house, not only did he show up with lots of wonderful food, he also brought something for my daughter; movies that we were able to watch together during my recovery.

Thank you Vince and The Sitting Tree for being there when I was in need, I will always be grateful!!!

- Charna Stein

Helping families re-connect with hope

During my time working as a family therapist in a children's hospital, I saw how meaningful "simple" things like complimentary meals and hotel stays were in taking pressure off of family members, not to mention what fun activities could do in helping kids be carefree and not feel like their diagnoses defined them. I appreciate the creativity The Sitting Tree employs in finding solutions that meet the individual needs of the families they work with. By easing these families' burdens, they are helping them re-connect with hope. I believe that when people have hope, they have the capacity to withstand even the greatest of challenges. It has been my pleasure to play even a small part in lifting these families' spirits through my involvement with the Sitting Tree. I look forward to seeing how the caring reach of this organization spreads and touches even more lives for good.

- Stephanie Haygood, PhD - Marriage and Family Therapy

May the goodness that you all spread, come back to you ten-fold

Thank you, Vince and The Sitting Tree staff, for providing a much welcomed and appreciated "helping hand" by providing a full course dinner for us! In caring for the needs of our child, we rarely go out to eat and it was a wonderful and enjoyable experience to bring dinner "in" - compliments of your organization. Our lives are filled with the necessary constant care of our child with special needs and it is so nice to know that an organization such as yours understands and exists to provide a helping hand and to say, with a thoughtful gesture, "we understand and would like to help".

What is often misunderstood about families and situations like ours, is that we don't seek sympathy, nor reach out for aide willingly...what we want is understanding, for our situation, for our child's condition and ultimately, for the world to be a more accepting place of those who aren't "typical". Your heartfelt gesture and personal visit were very meaningful, and if I didn't say it, then I think my daughter did, with her intense eye contact and interest in you. In her own way, without words, she was expressing appreciation for your kindness and consideration.

Please continue to do what you do and know that we wish The Sitting Tree continued success in your mission to "lessen the load", even temporarily, for families dealing with difficult situations. May the goodness that you all spread, come back to you ten-fold!

- Jacquie Bisquera and Family